6 Festive Email Marketing Ideas

Here at Wired HQ – we like to be organised. Some might say annoyingly organised. We usually have our email marketing campaigns prepped and planned a couple of months in advance, in line with our overall marketing goals.

If you aren’t as organised as we are, it’s time to look at your Christmas campaigns. You may be thinking ‘Christmas?! It’s two months away?!’ – but if you don’t act now your brand will be left behind. We’re already seeing early marketing emails land in our inbox, so let’s begin.

First of all, your Christmas campaign needs to be different than your usual campaigns. There’s plenty of opportunity to use new images, and a striking design – it’s the one time of year where you’re allowed to get excited and go overboard.

Secondly, investing time and effort in a great landing page that follows on from your email campaign whilst representing your messaging and brand is a great way to continue the festive theme, without building an entire new section of your website. Consider implementing one to run alongside yoru festive campaign if you don’t already use this tactic.

Some of these ideas will only be suitable for B2C companies, but with a little imagination, they can be suitable for B2B companies.

1. Offer a free delivery code voucher

A free delivery voucher code is a great way to boost your average order value for a short period of time. It will encourage potentials customers to purchase now, just in case they were holding off on the order for a few weeks. By launching the voucher code in a strategic part of the month, i.e., when people are more likely get paid, you can really appeal to a wide audience.

2. Offer a gift wrapping service

Buying gifts online that arrive wrapped is very appealing to people who want to take the stress out of Christmas shopping. Offer free gift wrapping for certain products, or bundles of products with a minimum order value. This can influence people to spend more if they feel they’re getting something additional for their money.

3. Create a gift guide

A gift guide allows you to showcase some of your products that are perfect for the festive season. It allows you to give people ideas for their presents, whilst promoting specific items. Take them from the email onto a landing page where they can see more. Use the email to entice them to take action. If you can, segment your gifts into categories, such as For Him, For Her, For the Kids. You could even segment your contact list based on their information to promote gifts to specific people.

4. Remember to send seasonal company info

Your opening hours over the holidays will not make for the most interesting email, but it sure it important. Remind people of your opening hours, when the support team will be available, and if your next day delivery has a time limit. Remember to include this information on your website, and post across your social media too. If you don’t send this information, you may be left with some very unhappy customers.

5. Remind contacts about Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be used across a wide variety of industries. With the growth in online shopping at Christmas time, it’s really easy to set up and distribute e-vouchers – they can even be sent directly to the recipient. Remind your customers that a voucher is easier than buying a gift the recipient may not use or like!

6. Run a competition

Competitions are popular across almost all industries, all year round – and even more so at Christmas. If there’s a chance to win something for free, then you can bet you’ll have entrants. This can push your non-engaged contacts to take action, and your engaged contacts can become your brand advocates. Your prizes should have mass appeal – to make the most of the opportunity. Offer a voucher that lasts until the end of January, a Christmas stocking full of a variety of gifts, or even something edible, like a chocolate Santa. You could also give away a large number of small gifts, so that even more people enter, thinking they’re in with a chance of winning.


Remember – you should be enticing your contacts to take action through timely offers, offers they can’t refuse and want to share. At this point of the year, look to gain new contacts before the Christmas rush begins, so that you have a new pot of contacts to aims your communications at.

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