6 Social Media Tips for CEOs

A recent survey has found that executives across the world should be using social media. Research was conducted by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, and figures show that 70% of survey recipients believe CEO sociability increases information sharing, improves company reputation, demonstrates innovation, humanises the company and improves business results.

The research also found that CEOs who are not using social media are not necessarily classed as antisocial. If CEOs aren’t participating in social media, they may be communicating with staff through internal systems, and more than 60% of CEOs make themselves visible through their company websites.

The study also developed a profile of the most highly social CEOs, which included the following 6 social media tips:

1. Utilise your social media tool set

Social CEOs realise that social media goes beyond occasionally sending messages on a Twitter account. Great sociability requires a crafted plan for promoting messages across the appropriate social media channels that work for your business.

2. Keep a personal blog

Highly social CEOs see the value in long term social media efforts. Blogs allow CEOs to offer their perspective, and give meaning and depth.

3. Optimising the website

Leaders understand how important the website is for providing a sturdy ‘ground zero’ for their business. The website should offer a platform for companies to deliver content in different ways.

4. Self-author

Leaders should take a DIY approach. Frequent postings by CEOs show their determination to control all aspects of company life. Marketing and communication executives should also give their input.

5. Look forward

Forward thinking CEOs understand that technology and social media are the future of distributing content and want to part of this changing world.

6. Be spontaneous

Social media has allowed our true personalities to shine through – we no longer need to be strictly formal. Great social CEOs understand how to act formally in business situations, but also know how to react quickly to seize opportunities.

This study was based on surveys of 630 business professionals across 10 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. It was conducted by public relations firm Weber Shandwick and research firm KRC Research. The study was first published on

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