7 Irresistible Email Marketing Promotions

If you’re sending regular emails to an engaged pot of contacts – good for you. You’re obviously sending great emails that are keeping your contacts interested each and every time. But your contacts could be getting bored with the same old messaging. And let’s face it; an offer for loyal subscribers would go down a treat in most industries.

But we’re not just talking about buy one get one free, or 10% offers. If your email marketing offers are not performing as well as they once did, perhaps it’s time to look for new offers to reengage your contacts.

Today we’ll have a look at some new promotional ideas to send as part of your email marketing campaign.

1. Limited supply

The likelihood of someone scrolling through their inbox, discovering an amazing offer, and whipping out their credit card immediately is very slim. Usually contacts take some time to make their decisions and will come back to your email at a later date. In order to instil urgency so that they take action now – you need to indicate that there is a limited supply which is running out all the time.

This doesn’t have to be for just B2C products – I received an email offering a free whitepaper download, and there were only 1000 available. The email included a countdown clock ‘You are number 767!’ which told me how many people had previously downloaded the whitepaper – and what happened? I needed that whitepaper, and I needed it now.

2. Credit

By implementing a ‘Use it or Lose it’ approach, you are instilling a sort of fear into your contacts. That fear is the loss of an offer. Studies by Harvard have found this particular approach works well and consumers react to ‘loss aversion’ and are likely you take action because they don’t want to miss out. For example, offer £10 free credit when a contact spends over £20 – meaning you still earn some revenue whilst encouraging sales.

3. Offer expertise

Some products require a lot of thought before a sale is complete. In the B2B market place, your expertise can often be of more value than money off. Offer a free demo, a free consultation, or free tutorials. This will push those higher value sales towards the end of the funnel.

4. Forward to a friend

Utilise your friend’s friends but asking them to share your offer in return for something back. For example, ask your contacts to share your deals or forward your email in return for money off, or a freebie. In return, you’ll have higher open and click through rates and your brand and products will be seen by a new group of people you haven’t touched before.

5. Thank you offers

Thank those who have shared your offer, or your content, with a referral discount. Why not give the referrer and the refer-ee a discount each – that way you’ll have more people who love your brand, and more people taking advantage of the offer.

6. Pre-price change notification

If a product you’re selling is due to increase in price, tell your contacts now. This is a great tactic to encourage instant purchases and instils urgency in your contact. This will push those window shoppers and those on the fence contacts over the edge, and into your customer pot.

7. Use timeliness to your advantage

A great way to jump on the band wagon is by tying your offers to specific themes and on-going current affairs. For example, think about the number of offers you see around Christmas or Valentine’s Day – companies know that people are willing to spend money, so join in and offer something special too. Another great example was the Royal Baby earlier this year. Companies from retail to confectionary to home cashed in on the opportunity.

mns royal baby

What other creative promotions do you use in your email campaigns? Let us know below or tweet us @Wired_Marketing.

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