Apple Denied iPad Mini Trademark

Apple has been denied a trademark for the iPad mini. The US Patent and Trademark office have turned down the patent because the name was ‘merely descriptive’ and did not create a unique meaning.

Apple has until July to persuade the Patent Office that the smaller tablet differs substantially from its older and bigger sibling.

The Patent Office issued the letter to Apple in January but it has only just emerged. The letter stated the ‘applied for mark merely describes a feature or characteristic of applicant’s goods’.

The terms ‘mini’, ‘pad’ and the prefix ‘i-‘ were all descriptive it decided.  Neither as individual terms or as a complete result –iPad Mini – did they ‘create a unique, incongruous, or non-descriptive meaning in relation to the goods being small handheld mobile devices compromising tablet computers capable of providing internet access’’.

This is not the first time the technology giant has been involved in a patent dispute.

Apple won a landmark case against Korea’s Samsung last year, but last month a judge in the US ordered the £660m ($1bn) in damages awarded to Apple be cut by 40% and a new trial is to take place to assess the correct amount of damages.

Pic source: NDTV Gadgets

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