Benefits of a Managed Email Marketing Campaign

When choosing an email marketing provider you may ask yourself some (or all) of the following questions: what is an email marketing provider? What is a fully managed email marketing campaign? Should I manage the campaign myself? Or should someone else manage it for me?

It’s these sorts of questions that businesses will ask before they commit to a service, and ultimately, the type of service you’re looking for usually comes down to cost. Many people will say ‘why should I pay someone to manage my campaign for me?’, and that’s what we’ll clear up today.

By using a fully managed email service provider, you’ll get a far more detailed and better service, than if you were to manage your campaigns yourself.

First, it’s important to analyse the type of email marketing service you may require:

1. In house email marketing

In house marketing may seem the easier and cheaper option for you, especially if you’re new to email marketing. But in house marketing flags up a world of problems. Your in house set up is likely to be not robust enough to deal with the high volume sends of email marketing campaigns. On top of that, most personal email clients, such as Outlook or Gmail, will not allow a large number of sends, as they will assume the emails are spam.

Using an in house system will not do your brand any justice. It can be difficult to track and monitor, and takes a large amount of time.

2. Self service provider

The next stage is a self service provider. Generally if you choose a self-service option, you are likely to be knowledgeable and comfortable with email marketing. You may need some HTML knowledge and technical ability, and you’ll need to have the time to send out effective campaigns.

Self-service email marketing is generally cheap, but you need to have a high level of knowledge to make your email campaigns effective.

If you do take on email marketing yourself, will you be able to identify areas of your campaign that aren’t working, and quickly rectify them?

3. Fully managed email marketing campaign

The next stage, and the highest level, is a managed email marketing campaign. A managed campaign is used to save you time and effort. Whilst you may pay slightly more for a managed campaign, you will see better results, as all aspects of your campaign are taken out of your hands.

Your external party can schedule, design, optimise emails for mobiles, deliver and finally report on the success of the campaign. They can then take that knowledge and use it to improve your future campaigns.

Most providers will ask you about your current approach, your aims, your budget, and current emails, and will create a strategy based on your history in email marketing and where they see your business going.

Costs Benefits Keys Showing Analysis And Value Of An Investment


   What are the four main benefits of using a managed email marketing campaign?

   -  Price

If you’re trying to save money by using an in house system, consider the difference in price between an external provider, and the cost of any internal resources.

   - Expertise

You may be great at email marketing, but no one can be an expert at everything. The people who will manage your campaigns, will be experts in email marketing – they’re immersed in it every day. External expertise could be as simple as knowing the correct time to send a campaign, or the correct length of a subject line. Either way, if left in the hands of a provider, you can concentrate on your day job, whilst they do theirs.

   -  Support

An external provider will give you support that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. You’ll usually be assigned an account manager, who will help with the strategy, design, sends and reports. They’ll suggest changes, and help your campaign reach the most people, and have the best effect.

    -  Ownership and management

Your provider will take your project and give it the full attention it deserves. They know if they don’t perform, they’ll be left with unhappy customers, and no company wants that. Often, if you’re dealing with the campaign yourself, you’ll be spinning multiple plates at once, and may send your campaign as an afterthought; it’s guaranteed that your campaign won’t be forgotten about with a managed service.

 In conclusion

Opting for a fully managed service may seem expensive or unnecessary, but when you consider the advantages; higher level campaign, better returns and fewer headaches, it’s definitely worth the money.

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