Building Your Email List Organically

It’s very well choosing to use email marketing as part of your marketing strategy, but it’s no good without one important thing – data. So how do you go about building your email list organically? Well let’s find out…

It can take a lot of hard work to build your email marketing database to a significant level – but unfortunately your database will naturally decrease by around 25% per year. People change email clients, they move jobs, and they forget their password resulting in a naturally reduced list.

As a marketer, it’s your job to entice more and more people to sign up to your email correspondence – because if they don’t you won’t have anyone to email, and your email marketing will flop.



Here are a number of ways you can begin to gather contacts to start building your email list organically, in ways which you may not have considered in the past:

• If you want your contacts to remain subscribed, your email content needs to be great. Make sure your best work is in that email.

• Offer content in exchange for data. Offer a free download, such as an eguide or whitepaper – and ask for the contact’s email address in return.

• Host a free online webinar, and ask for email addresses at registration.

• Add a QR code to your physical marketing tools to encourage email sign ups.

• Run an online giveaway/competition in exchange for addresses.

• Collect email addresses at trade shows or events.

• Tell your existing contacts to share your email by using your social sharing buttons or ‘Forward to a friend’ links.

• Use Google Adwords to link to an email sign up page.

• Include a blog subscription form next to your latest posts.

• Create a social campaign to encourage your social followers to sign up, i.e. through an eguide featuring the latest social media news and updates.

• Use your Facebook page to gather addresses. Place a ‘wall’ over your page so that users have to submit an email address before they can ‘like’ you.

• Promote email sign up through Google+ updates and your ‘About’ section.

• Use a Pinterest board to promote offers, such as an eguide, that will require an email sign up in order to download.

• Add calls to actions to your YouTube videos, and include a link to your sign up forms in your description box.

• Promote your content through an affiliate’s email to access another group of people.

• Include a newsletter sign up on almost every page of your website. Test which pages and locations work the best for your company.

• Try contacting an old data base with a re-marketing campaign. Create an engaging campaign and ask them to update their preferences if they still want to receive your content.


Discover more on how you can building quality email lists below.

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