Creating A Holistic Marketing Strategy

What is a Holistic Marketing Strategy?

A holistic marketing strategy is the concept which unites a business together to impact the strength and progression of both sales, marketing and other in house teams. It allows employees to discuss and develop company aims and objectives coherently together.

Even if a business is made up of various departments a holistic marketing strategy draws all teams together. The aim is to come together to share ideas and project a positive and united company vision, which considers all aspects of your target audience wants, needs and worries. The target is to get your customer to purchase from you over  your competitors, gathering all team members to understand all angles of your audience.



Key points of a Holistic Marketing Strategy:

Internal marketing –

Marketing through all the departments within one organisation.

Relationship marketing –

Building stronger relationships with your contacts, internal prospects and customers.

Performance marketing –

Driving sales and revenue of the organisation, whilst reducing the costs and increasing sales.

Integrated marketing –

Products, services and marketing should work together for the business development.


Here we have put together 7 steps to allow you to successfully integrate your marketing campaigns:

Step 1: Have a clear understanding of who your target audience is and what their wants, need and expectations are.

Step 2: Pick your channels. Where do you customers go, what are they looking for? What are the platforms strengths and weaknesses?

Step 3: Have an identity. Make sure your visual image is consistent, don’t just think logo, think design, think voice, think objective.

Step 4: Create informative and consistent content that can be shared through a number of platforms whether it be a ebook, video, blog, image or case study you must make sure you content is accessible and user friendly.

Step 5: Ensure that your campaign purpose is clear, whether it be to drive a purchase, enter a competition or share on social media, call to actions must be clear and obvious.

Step 6: Make sure your marketing teams are working together in sync. Your brand voice, tone and vision must be coherent throughout your marketing campaign.

Step 7: Don’t forget to track your campaigns, analysing your reports and results enables you to understand in detail what works and what needs improvement.


Do you feel that a holistic marketing strategy would drive further success in your company? Would it make life easy if you had a stronger communication structure between departments?


Try it out and let us know how it goes @Wired_Marketing


For further marketing integration, explore out free whitepaper below.  

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