Email Personalisation and Marketing Automation: Birthday Campaign’s 1 year on

 Around this time last year, Amy wrote a blog post on ‘The Power of sending a birthday campaign’. Through this blog post she explained about the benefits of marketing automation, email personalisation and data collection, giving examples of the positive effects this can have for your business. She then reviewed 5 campaigns which were most effective and relatable to herself, most of the businesses offered her a bottle of champagne. This could be due to Amy’s love for a glass of fizz or more possibly due to discounts on alcohol being more cost effective than discounts on food.


I am now going to look at campaigns that Amy has been sent this year, vetting whether I feel they are more effective or less effective than the ones she received the previous year and also will look to see if business campaigns are coherent. For example, did the company offer me a greater discount this year? Is the discount given relatable to the purchases I have made within the year with the company. I am looking to see if I can find any buying or channel tracking patterns and whether the company is using new designs, formats, data collection or segmentation tools within their campaigns.


We already know that email personalisation works, people like to feel special and have a one to one experience that has been specifically design and adapted from their personal needs and wants. Through capturing data such as date of birth, age, sex, product involvement, purchase history and product views, we can now create very customised automated emails to give the customer that personal experience with minimal inconvenience. I am also going to look at the risks of offers clashing and reviewing the issues with static codes and the effect it can have on a business.


Below are 6 New Campaigns that Amy received this year, let’s explore and evaluate!

1. Ted Baker have gone for a bright and bold campaign, giving off a very warm and summery vibe. Using a metaphor inviting Amy to spend a little and receive 10% off her next purchase with them. Ted Baker use a dynamic discount code that allows it to be only used once before becoming inactive.


2. Dorothy Perkins has sent a lovely pink and birthday campaign using a Gif to create a flickering flame effect. This offers Amy five pounds off her next purchase, however the  small print terms and conditions do state that the offer can only be used if spending 20 pounds or more. Dorothy Perkins also use a dynamic code within their birthday email campaign. 6

3. Geometry is in! Topshop have produced a warm pastel palette for Amy’s birthday campaign offering her the most discount out of all of our reviews! 20% off for Amy! Within the campaign they also advertise an additional offer of free delivery over 50 pounds, whilst reiterating how easy and simple the steps are to spending that very generous discount through use of a personal dynamic code. 5

4. Adidas has sent a playful campaign that reminds the customers that they are never too old to have fun, using graphics which show an adult figure in a ball pit of some kind. This creates a personal and emotional connection to the viewers childhood memories, a great campaign to give a little inspiration and motivation, this is exactly what we all want to hear on our birthday. Not forgetting the wonderful 15% that they are offering through dynamic coding! 8

5. If you have visited Amy’s birthday post from last year you’ll have seen TGI’s birthday campaign to Amy. I wanted to compare as to what they have changed and whether the offer was better or worse. The campaign this year is very similar in theme colours to last year but has no longer involved a Gif file. The offer this year is a cocktail, smoothie or dessert for Amy and 5 of her friends, I feel that this over is on par with last year but that all depends if Amy likes to share. To use this voucher you must print off the email and it must have your name present and must be signed by in house management.


6. Clarins have sent Amy a beautifully designed email template which works well with their branding and theme colours. They are offering Amy 3 essential items and a beauty bag with her purchase but are making the mistake of using a static code as apposed to a dynamic code which most other companies use. Using a Static code creates risks of codes being shared and customers over using discount information, this could then have a negative effect of profits of the business.4


Through collecting personal data you are able to send emails that coherently align with season greetings, birthdays, products sales, product suggestions, events and much more. It is important to use dynamic coding for effectiveness and keeping campaigns peronsalised and easy to follow for the customer. Automation allows your business to stay current and enjoy organic conversations with customers that flow continuously through out the year, following social and personal events of the individual. Your brand will then stay within their mind creating a higher possibility of that person returning to your site.


See the Wired Automation builder in action;


What do you think? Does a creative personalised birthday campaign capture your attention and prompt you to return to repurchase?

Let us know at @Wired_Marketing 

Happy Birthday Amy!

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