Facebook launching ‘Home’ software for Android

Facebook will release a new software system for Android phones, called ‘Home’, The software will act like a ‘wrapper’ for the current Android operation system.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, gave a presentation at Facebook’s campus in California. He said the change puts people, not apps, at the heart of the mobile experience.

Mr Zuckerberg said phone apps were a legacy of the computer world, where people clicked on an icon to start a program. He added that this worked well with desktops and laptops, but not with phones.

Facebook’s Home software will hide apps and bring content from the social networking site forward to the home screen.

The ‘wrapper’ will allow people to swap through content and view notifications without having to enter an app and scroll through it.

The software will be available via Google’s Play Store as a download for phones running Android 4.0 or higher. No information was given as to whether it will be released on Apple or Microsoft phones.

Before the news conference, there were speculations that Facebook would launch a branded handset, but Zuckerberg said the firm shied away from this because even the most successful phone would only reach a small amount of users.

“This can start to be a change in the relationship that we have with how we use these computing devices,” he said. The app will be launched in mid April.

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