Google launches local search carousel

Google has launched another new feature for their search result page – they’ve been busy bees lately haven’t they?

Now, when you search Google for restaurants, bars or other local places, you will see a carousel across the top of the page, above the usual result display.  Users can interact with the search carousel and use the arrows to search through the displayed results. This new feature looks very similar to the new image display that Google implemented a few weeks ago.

This new feature gives users search results that they weren’t even searching for, creating a better user experience.

The image above is taken from Google’s blog post announcing the update, and includes a search for Mexican restaurants in New York.

As you can see, the top carousel displays reviews, the main restaurant image and their Google + score (based on reviews). The user can then click the image to find out more information regarding the restaurant, in the same way as a normal Google search.

At the moment the carousel is only live in the US, and has been piloted on tablets over the last few weeks.

In my experience, the carousel is displayed occasionally depending on the search here in the UK. And I haven’t seen it appear on my Android devices. I assume it will be rolled out officially in the UK, after any issues have been ironed out in the US.

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