Why You Should Be Internal Linking

Internal linking is good for two things: SEO and user experience.  Creating internal links is an important element of search engine marketing. You, the owner of the site or blog, have control over any internal links so make the most of it.


Why SEO is important

-   Distribute link equity

Some pages on your site may have more link equity than others. You can transfer equity from one page to another. If you are looking to increase the ranking of a page, then add the link of an already successfully ranked page.

-    Helps Google crawl your site

Internal linking helps Googlebot through your site. Use descriptive anchor text so that the search engine can understand your content. For example, use a link in a sentence like ‘View our retail articles’, rather than ‘To view our retail articles, click here’.  This will also help users.

-   Helps rank certain keywords

Use internal linking to reference older or similar articles. Your anchor text should be varied as many pages linking to the same page will look suspicious to search engines.

-    It’s useful for readers

If someone has been drawn to your site because of a certain topic, then give them some ideas for further reading.

-    Internal links reduce bounce rates

If someone reads your article or post, give them relevant content to encourage them to stay on your site longer. This link needs to be relevant to the user or Google will reduce your rank if you have multiple bounces away from the page.

-   Helps you make a point

Links will back up what you’re saying, and will give the reader more information if necessary.

-    It helps promote paid content

Different companies will have different ways of making money from their sites – and links can help. You can gently nudge people to those pages using links, without going for the hard sell.

-   They send traffic to older content

Older articles may not be at the top of the list when someone lands on your site, but they can still be relevant and useful to the reader. Linking to old posts ensures you still get traffic.

Have you found internal links to be useful for driving traffic around your site? Tell us why you love them below.

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