Make 8 small changes to improve marketing in a big way

As a marketer, you may be responsible for one area of the business and one area only. You may be the social media manager, a designer, or a copywriter. Whatever your role, it’s likely that’s all you do every day, which admittedly can get boring from time to time.

Have you considered spending the day in another area of your business? If you have a nice boss, it may be worth asking if you can spend time away from your desk to gain a little perspective, and give your brain time to recharge.

Here are 8 small changes to make to your working day, to give you an extra boost and improve marketing:

1. Sit down and write

If you’re fed up of writing or have writers block, the best to overcome it is to simply sit down and write. Hammer out 500 words. It doesn’t matter if what you write turns out to be rubbish, it matters that you have persevered. You can always go back and edit the content you have written, and repurpose it for an ebook or an upcoming blog post.

If you aren’t responsible for writing, give it go and you’ll understand what your copywriters go through every day.

2. Improve your design knowledge

Sit down with your designers (or whoever is responsible for your visual content) and ask them to teach you something new. Tools such as Photoshop are mind blowing to those of us with no visual knowledge, and it can be useful when coming up with new ideas.

If you understand your designer’s working day, you can shape content around them and the tools they use.

3. Learn a new function on Excel

Great marketers love data. And Excel is the perfect tool for storing, calculating and logging data. If like me, you have spreadsheets coming out of your ears, you may be comfortable with some of the more generic tools that Excel has to offer. However, some of the more technical tools may not be part of your Excel toolkit, but may help you immensely. For example, using formulas or auto fill fields when planning an editorial calendar.

Spend some time learning a new function, and hopefully it will be useful.

4. Call a customer

Often, marketing and sales teams are kept apart, but they should be working together as a cohesive team. Sales support marketing efforts, and marketing generates sales. Marketers are often focused on generating leads to pass over to the sales teams, but often forget about them once they are customers.

Perhaps speaking to those customers you first interacted with, will help you regain focus.

5. Listen to a sales call

Spending time listening to your sales or customer service people will allow you to understand that type of questions customers ask, and how they are answered.

This can help you shape your content, SEO and overall strategies. For example, if customer’s continually call because they can’t login, why not create a knowledge base article troubleshooting their problems.

6. Try out a new social media site

It can be easy to forgo ANOTHER social media tool – there are just not enough hours in a day. But that social media site you just gave up on may turn out to provide something for your business.

Take some time to try something new – maybe you could see which social sites your competitors use? Clear up some time in your calendar, and try a new site for 30 days.

7. Run a split test

A/B tests help marketers make small but effective changes to their marketing – these changes are usually based on data and solid fact. Consider running a different test this time.

Try something you have been thinking of doing, or were apprehensive of doing – you never know, the results could be massive!

8. Slow down and read

Your routine can get in the way of learning. You sit at your desk in the morning, make a cup of coffee, answer emails, make calls, attend meetings – but when do you spend time learning something new? Before you get stuck in to your everyday tasks, take time to read the latest industry news, a book, marketing news or a site you’ve never seen before.

Taking in new information will give you ideas, spark your imagination and helps you do your job better.

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