Meet Abigayle

Abigayle is the newest member of the Wired Marketing team, we asked her some questions to get to know her a little better. Here is what she answered:


Your job role in your own words:

My role involves many responsibilities from idea generation and creative content writing, to social media operations and B2B marketing. I’m a multifunctional member of the team.

Fave bits of the job:

I enjoy being able to write creative content that interests and inspire others. The social media marketing is also probably one of my fave aspects of the job as I like seeing the online interaction and engaging creating content.

Your career background so far:

Art, Photography, Studio Management, Creative Writing, Crafts, Sales, Networking, Events, Recruitment, Marketing. A whirl wind made up of creativity, business and sales.

Who’s job would you least like to have (in wired!) and why:

Julies – I wouldn’t like to deal with numbers, I enjoy being creative and articulate.

An interesting fact about you:

After hours I’m a photographer, craft enthusiast and candle maker.

Most famous person you have met:

I would have to say Peter Andre or maybe Christopher Biggins.

Name 3 people you would invite to a dinner party (dead or alive):

Jack Black, Leonardo DiCaprio and Whoopi Goldberg

How do you like your tea:


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