Meet Amy

We asked our management team some all important and very serious questions. Here’s what Amy Birch had to say…

Your job role in your own words:

I work with our design team and clients to coordinate templates, campaigns and bespoke strategies – basically I make sure campaigns send on time and hit their goals.

Fave bits of the job:

Learning about new industries and chatting to a vast array of different clients. When campaigns smash their targets and we’re left with very happy customers.

Your career background so far:

I worked in an insurance call centre whilst doing my degree in journalism and joined Wired as a marketing assistant a few months after graduation – I have been here ever since!

Who’s job would you least like to have and why:

Julie’s – managing accounts, direct debits and fees, not something I would like to be involved with!

An interesting fact about you:

(Not that interesting but…) I recently got a Labrador puppy and he’s taken over my life, but for the better :)

Most famous person you have met:

This is very embarrassing – Mikaela from Hollyoaks about ten years ago. And I once saw Edwin Van Der Sar on a plane back from Amsterdam – does that count?

Name 3 people you would invite to a dinner party (dead or alive): 

Neil Degrasse Tyson, The Queen of England and Louis Theroux (also Michael Jackson if I can squeeze one more seat around my table!)

How do you like your tea:

Strong and sweet!


You can contact Amy here.

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