Meet Clare

We asked our management team some all important and very serious questions. Here’s what Clare Towne had to say…

Your job role in your own words:

Sales Manager introducing Wired to the World and onboarding new customers or all round entertainer.

Fave bits of the job:

All of it except the difficult bits

Your career background so far:

Short stint in a Brewery as Sales Manager, previously 20yrs Wholesale Giftware and Furniture Industry Sales Office Manager, previously Graphic Designers and Printers, Uni (During uni I worked as a Bridleway advisor researching the Pennine Bridleway for Mary Towneley and house sat for people with children, dogs and horses.) School, Nursery, Womb.

Who’s job would you least like to have and why:

John he’s our chief coder….. brain says no!?!

An interesting fact about you:

Only one?!

Most famous person you have met:

Sir Bobby Moore at Manchester Airport he said hello and we exchanged pleasantries, I thought he was a friend of my Mums as they came off the same flight. My husband just stood shaking his head while a Liverpudlian girl ran after him, shouting ‘That’s Sir Bobby!’

Name 3 people you would invite to a dinner party (dead or alive):

Douglas Mercer Towne (my Dad, no longer with us, and my rock and to whom I still have so much to ask and say), Marilyn Monroe and Prince Philip

How do you like your tea:

Regularly whether tea, tea or fruity


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