Meet Natalie

We asked our management team some all important and very serious questions. Here’s what Account Manager Natalie Eastwood had to say…


Your job role in your own words:

To look after clients and make sure everyone has the necessary skills and industry knowledge to build and program great email marketing campaigns that get results!
Fave bits of the job:

Being able to really get involved with clients projects and inspire new ideas. As well as helping with challenging data rules and program building.
Your career background so far:

Telecommunications , Website building , CRM Management ,Sales and Marketing , Account Management
Who’s job would you least like to have and why:

Andrew’s job , I like to shut off after a long day and recuperate but Andrews work never stops!
An interesting fact about you:

I’m fascinated by world religions and human history and spend too much time watching documentaries and as a result believe that we are all Aliens
Most famous person you have met:

Robert Plant – Led Zepplin
Name 3 people you would invite to a dinner party (dead or alive):

Nikola Tesla , Albert Einstein , Leonardo Da Vinci
How do you like your tea:

Coffee 2 sugars and milk



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