Optimise Data Capture At Christmas

So, we all know that Christmas is the busiest shopping time of the year, shoppers are shopping and sellers are selling. Whilst watching your sales and conversion rate sky rocket, we must remember that this time of year is key for bringing on new prospects and customers. Capturing emails, names, numbers and more allows you to build your data bank for the rest of the year, growing your business and expanding your reach.

This article aims to provide a helping hand on how you can optimise data capture at Christmas, review with us ways which you are able to gather customer information, whilst proving a organic customer experience.


Here’s our best tips to ensure you are receiving the most from your marketing;

On-site forms 

Use pop up call to actions to highlight useful resources, offers, products and more, whilst creating a short and efficient data capture methods with just 3 fields necessary. You may also want to ensure the placement of your customer actions are clear, allowing your sign up forms and subscription forms to never be missed by your prospects.

Offers & Incentives 

An easy and effective way to create a sense of urgency and ongoing activity between your brand and contacts. Through using offers and incentives you can create an engaged relationship, opening doors for promoting content and products. Not only this but you will be capturing sufficient data to then re-target the data collected within the future using segmentation.

Let them know what to expect 

Create a clear vision for you prospects and customers, allowing them to further understand your brand and their customer journey. From products to resources and services having a transparent flow gains the trust of your contacts right from the start of their journey, making them more open to proving more information and preferences.

Learn their preferences 

Once a contact has signed up offer them a tailored experience, through short surveys or forms gather further details that ensure you can provide relevant content that they will be happy to receive. This will then increase your opens, clicks and conversions, as your contacts will be active and engaged.





Whether you are running competitions through email, your site or social, this is a great way to maximise activity and engagement with your brand, whilst building an expanding your data bank very rapidly. Over recent years’ competitions such as like and share post on social pages have allowed brands to grow 1000’s of likes and followers overnight.

Shopping Assistance

Provide a helping hand to your prospects and customers allows you to ask questions such as what are you looking for? Female or male? Beginner or advance? Whether your brand is B2B or B2C through offering to help with a contacts search, enables you can learn a lot about them and their needs. You may then use this information to create a tailor customer experience and provide offers and promotions suited to their preferences.

Real Time Conversations 

Use a variety of platforms and channels to create real time notifications and conversations with your audience about events, products, new releases and other up and coming brand promotions, which you audience don’t want to miss out on. From Snapchat to Instagram, Pinterest and more optimise your customer community sharing your brands voice, whilst collecting their details and desires.

Wish Lists 

Creating a wish lists online enables you to generate a greater understanding of what products and pieces of content your prospects and customers are interested in downloading/purchasing. This allows you to capture their name, email and interests, which in turn enables you to provide a customised customer journey filled with offers to encourage movement and conversion.


If you would like to read more about capturing data, continue reading our post on Data Acquisition and Sign Up Brand Examples.



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