SMART Email Marketing Objectives

When defining your goals and creating a strategy, you must be clear of your aims so you have realistic targets that can be attained, to enable you to grow and strengthen your marketing strategy. To do this we recommend using the SMART technique.

What must we consider when creating smart email marketing objectives? What should we monitor? How should we measure? Why should we be specific?



So, what is SMART objective?

Specific – Does your objective have a specific target that is significant to what you are hoping to achieve? Have you explored the issues and problems which could arise and then taken into consideration how your goal may be impacted by real world problems and opportunities?

Measurable – Can you measure your actions – have you got a clear starting point, checkpoints and an end goal? You must be able to measure whether or not your strategy has been successful, whilst being able to unfold where the issue may have occurred.

Actionable – The objectives you have must allow you to use the data which you collect through your strategy to improve further performances.

Relevant – You must be realistic with your expectations, identify an issue and be reasonable when thinking about how you can resolve this. Creating a relevant strategy will allow you to reap the rewards of resolving an issue that your company has struggled to overcome.

Time-bound – Can your objectives be set for a certain time period? You must be aware of how long your strategy will run for then you are able to reflect and progress.


Smart email marketing objectives are highly effective and can make the difference between a successful marketing strategy and a failed one.


No matter what aspect of your marketing you are working on, you should always have clear and smart email marketing objectives and be aware of realistic aims to help you review your performance within each step of your marketing strategy. Being realistic and having a set time-frame are the first footsteps toward achieving marketing success and having an easy to manage system that provides clear insights into your strategy results.


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