Understanding The Halo Effect

The halo effect is the concept of an individual seeing or reading an email and then reacting or returning to a brand. This is usually through something they have seen or been positively impacted by, even subconsciously. It may be an unrelated item or object which may trigger the halo effect but due to the previous affect you have created through a subject line, social presence, piece of content or an advert a customer holds your brand in their minds.

Surrounding the indirect effect of an email, the halo effect is a key part of lead generation. Although a customer may not react to an email instantly, they may see your subject line for example “20% Off All Dresses from ….” And then return to your email at a later date when its more convenient for them to view, explore or purchase.

Another alternative may be that a contact receives your email, sees your offer and then bypasses your email and prefers shopping in store, so therefore then may travel to the nearest store to view discounted products. Therefore, the halo effect is in effect as it has created a positive impression on your customers and directly drives them to convert through more than one means.

A subject line can have the same influence as opening and reading an email as it can direct a loyal or existing customer straight to a website whilst bypassing the email. This is often the case when using targeted personalised emails. For example, if a contact has previously bought a product repeatedly every month, then sending them an email stating this product is on offer simply within the subject line it is very likely to drive them straight to your site without the need for them to read the content of your email.

The brand message and approach can highly influence the current and future behaviours of a contact. Understanding your contacts thought processes allows you to create emails that prompt the contact to return in the future through a variety of channels and for a number of reasons. It can even be a lengthy process to build that influence, but very simple to trigger. Whether it is an advert, your social, an email or physical interactions having a positive and personal impact on contacts is crucial for the halo effort to be successful.


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