The top 7 Father’s day emails

With Father’s day coming up this weekend, my email inbox has been rammed with messages reminding me to go out and buy a present. As with all other special occasions, Fathers day is a good excuse to ramp up your email marketing to get some cheeky sales in. The following companies have done a great job enticing recipients to spend money.

1. Burt’s Bees

I love the use of the honeycomb background on this email. The simple structure for the products mean that the recipient can see what they want to buy. The call to actions are clear and it’s easy to click on.

burt's bees father's day email

2. Cafe Rouge

Nice hero image at the top really draws your eye to the offer. I really like the checklist idea as well, adding a hint of humor and personality to the email.

Cafe rouge fathers day email

3. Selfridges

The top banner email shows that Selfridges know their target audience, a very important aspect to email marketing. The products are nicely structured in a clean email design.

Selfridges Father's day email

4. Photobox

A cool mustache at the top of this email draws you into the email. The “last few days” text gives the recipient the sense of urgency to make purchase soon. The placement of the offers throughout the email is a good way to entice the reader to click through.

Photobox Father's day email

5. Giraffe

I like Giraffe’s email design style and they do not disappoint for father’s day. The yummy hero images at the top are enough to get even the most food stuffed reader to click through.

Giraffe Farther's day email

6. Lush

Lush have used a very simple email design for their father’s day email. The good use of call to actions throughout the email and well written content makes this a really nice email.

Lush Father's day email

7. Argos

Argos use a bright image at the top and great product structure to deliver a well designed Father’s day email. The offers throughout the email gives the recipient good reason to click through.

Argos Father's day email

Let us know if you see any more good Father’s day emails by tweeting us @wired_marketing.

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