Top 10 Christmas Email Campaigns

With only 9 weeks to go it’s time to start prepping and preparing your Christmas email campaigns and we are help to help by sharing with our Top 10 faves!

As Christmas draws ever so closer you should consider what festive assets you are going to add to your email campaigns to engage our audience. There are a range of ways which can capture your contacts attention this Christmas whether that be through Asset Creation, Gifs, Bespoke templates, Christmas Calendars, Wish Lists and more.

Be creative this Christmas and make those campaigns ones to remember. From falling snow, opening gifts to pulling crackers and Christmas wreaths, with a little help this year your emails will be the ones that are opened, remembered and returned to as the New Year comes.

Many brands already join in with the festivities and add some assets to their emails, from simply a few handing baubles in their header to a fully animated Christmas countdown calendar with offers and promotions popping from crackers.

Both allow you to capture your audiences attention and hold it through creativity, innovation and expectations. When a customer sees a Christmas email they instantly presume offers, sales and discounts are soon to follow. Entice them to open and continue reading your email to see what you have to offer.

Here are our personal Top 10 Christmas Email Campaigns, allowing you to explore the different ways in which you can add a little festive fun to your emails this Christmas.


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10. Starbucks Christmas 2012 printed ad campaign. on Behance:

For anymore help or assistance on how you can use a Gif in your email campaign this winter or if you would like us to create a Christmas Gif for you please contact us today.


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