Top 10 Tech Stories from the last week

The world of technology never slows down, and to make sure you’re always on top, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from the past week.

1. The first 3D printed rifle fires shots

A rifle maker in Canada, who goes by the name of ‘Matthew’ has successfully fired 14 shots from the ‘world’s first’ 3D printed rifle. Read more about this here.

2. Kickstarter launches in Canada



The popular crowdfunding platform is now available in Canada. The site will function in the same way as the UK and US versions, and projects will be live to the public on September the 9th. Kickstarter has been live in the US since 2009, and in the UK since October 2012.

3. Instagram allows users to upload videos from the phone’s gallery

The latest version of Instagram has implemented a range of new features including the ability to import video from your phone’s gallery. The update also allows iOS users to straighten their images before uploading.

4. Smart watch turns into a phone

hot watch


The HOT watch, a project funded through Kickstarter, currently includes Bluetooth connectivity, messaging apps, email, and now features a small speakerphone that projects sound. Oh and it also tells the time. When the user cups their hand around the watch, and puts it close to their ear, they will be able to hear the call.

5. IBM are developing software that thinks like a human

IBM scientists are currently developing a new software system that can interact with humans. The software uses cognitive computing systems that can be trained through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This means computers could deal with, and ‘think’ more like a human.

6. Twitter implements photo galleries

Another update this week: Twitter now allows users to view photo galleries when they have completed a search. Twitter has also changed their login process by using push notifications and in app approvals for account verification.

7. Sound Band launches wireless headset in place of earbuds

sound band


Kickstarter project Sound Band, has launched a wireless headset without speakers to be used as headphones. The headset uses sound technology to send vibrations through the back of your ears, bones and tissues to land in your inner ear, without the need for blocking your ears completely. Find out more here.

8. Whatsapp adds voice messaging

Messaging service Whatsapp now allows you to record a short voice clip, and send it to a contact. The new feature will be rolled out across all devices over the next few weeks.

9. Windows launch new Windows Phone App Studio

Windows is allowing users to create their own app for the platform, in a matter of minutes. Their new app studio aims to simplify the process for inexperience users. App builders can choose an app category from a selection, and customise a design.

10. The Pirate Bay is 10 years old



In celebration of their 10th birthday, Pirate Bay has launched a new browser to help users access the site in regions where the site is blocked. The file sharing site is blocked by ISPs in some regions, and TPB have been changed their domain to avoid the blockages. In Sweden, where the Pirate Bay was established, its cofounders have been jailed and fined.

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