Top 15 Up-sell Opportunities at Christmas

Explore with us the top 15 up-sell opportunities at Christmas, enabling you to execute a seamless marketing strategy which will optimise your conversions at the busiest shopping time of the year.


1.Optimise Your Strategy

Ensure that your email campaigns and landing pages have been optimised from all devices, allowing your recipients to receive a flawless experience no matter which device they choose to use. Optimising your strategy will enable your designs to stack perfectly, upholding your flawless designs and easy to follow call to actions no matter the device.

2.Use Behavioural Triggers to Lead the Shopping Process

It’s time to dust off the data you have collected over the past year and start using the contact knowledge you have learnt to push forward your marketing at the busiest shopping time of the year. Personalise the journey of your contacts through adding behavioural triggers, allowing you to lead your customers at times when they are most active and engaged.

3.Create Personal Promotions & Offers

Use your data to personalise promotions and offers from demographics, geographic’s to behaviours. For example, if you have reports that show that a specific individual often purchases the same product repeatedly, you may then offer that product or a similar product with a discount to encourage a sale.

4.Abandoned Shopping Carts & Browsers

Don’t lose out at last minute, with the abandoned cart and browser tool you are able to send contacts automated emails, that allow you to catch them before they fall. You may choose to send a reminder to your contacts that their cart items have been saved, or add a little discount to encourage them to return and complete the checkout process.

5.Cross Sell & Up Sell at the Checkout

Don’t let the checkout be the place where a customer journey ends, use it as an opportunity to up and cross sell similar or related products. For example, if the customer was buying an iron you may upsell an ironing board or an iron cleaning product.


6.Be Strategic with Product Placement

Supermarkets are a great example of where product placement is key, deals and offers are always at the front entrance of the store and towards the end of each isle. This ensures that they will not be missed by customers, as they have been given a prime position. The same can be done on a website, adding key offers and promotions to your home page or side bar allowing online shopping not to miss anything.

7.Go Wild with Promotions

If you can afford to shower your contacts with promotions then now is the time, from subscription freebies to checkout freebies Christmas is a great time to optimise your sales across you site, social and emails.

8.Add Festive Cheer

Adding festive fun to your emails and site enables you to raise engagement levels, whilst remaining relevant to your contacts surroundings. It also allows your brand to be portrayed as a current and real time brand, that is fun and personal.

9.Create a Wish List

Wish lists create a deeper insight in to the minds of your target audience, allowing you to understand what products they are interested in. You may even want to send personalised offers to contacts whom have made wish lists and offer the discount on certain products within their baskets to increase the chance of conversion.

10. Integrate Your Efforts with Social

Integrating your email, site and social allows all your audiences to come together in one place, whilst also creating a broader horizon to where and who your brand voice reaches. With billions of people using online social sites, you are now able to share your brand persona in a new and innovative way.

11. Key Shopping Holiday Dates

Whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the 12 days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day or the January sale, you can use these festive holidays to optimise and encourage sales and downloads through discounts, offers and bundles.

12. Digital Advent Calendar

Digital advents allow you to provide your contacts with a series of offers and discounts over a selected period, whether it be December or January advents are a great way to activate contacts, increase engagement levels and grow customer following.

13. Emotive Imagery & Videos

Connect with you audience on an emotional level with Gifs, whether that be through animals, humour or even nostalgic content that they have an emotional connect too. Gifs are a great way to do this, as they are short and snappy yet very effective and can be used easily online and in emails.

14.One Click Wonders

Prospects and customers are always looking for a smooth, fast and frictionless experience when it comes to downloading content or buying a products. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that their journey is as smooth as possible, so allowing the buying or downloading process to be short and sweet is essential.

15. Tell a story

Creating a story line within your marketing strategy, email content and social schedule allows you audience to relate to what you have to say. Creating the urge to keep up with your story and the desire to follow your content. Enabling you to increase engagement levels and personal relevancy.


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