Top Marketing Trends of 2017

As the end of the year draws closer, we find ourselves reviewing all our processes and looking at areas we wish to develop as we move forward into 2017. This article explores the tops marketing trends of 2017, allowing you to assess the movements and direction of the industry and even receive tips on how you can stay ahead of your competitors. 


1. Increased focus on personalising your prospects & customers journey

Marketers are now using automation more than ever to enhance the flow and conversation of their contacts. Planning and precision is crucial to any successful lifecycle journey, as is working in opportunities to collect key data which will allow you to then personalise the experience of you customer.

2. Make video a large priority

Whether it’s for a homepage, sales page, ad, tutorial, promotional video, products video, talk, chat or interview, videos are now the most preferred medium by many online. As our spare time is often limited, the format that we receive content must be simple and easy to digest, whilst also requiring effort.

3. Maximise your social media marketing

Large brands have already taken the first steps by separating themselves from blanket adverts and turning to organic growth, dark posts and expiring content which generate higher levels or engagement and therefore receive greater benefits.

4.Expiring content

Marketers are now creating a sense of urgency through the use of expiring content, this may be achieved through programs such as Instagram and Snap (previously Snapchat). Using these tools, you can drive the need, want and passion of your brand, creating advocates and supporters that enjoy receiving content and are even eager to engage.

5.Virtual Reality

Have you ever wondered what it would be like a bee, or drive a race car, or visit places you have only dreams of? Well now virtually reality allows you to experience almost anything, with 360 degree vision it’s like stepping in to a new dimension. This allows brands to add heighten level or engagement, drive new perspectives and add emotional connotations to their ads and promotions.

6. Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is getting more and more powerful by the day. As it collects data and generates independent decisions, it creates new and exciting ways for you to provide a tailored and attentive services that is always available to your support and assist your audience.

7.Real Time – Live Stream – Video Story Telling

As video content is on the rise, real time live brand footage is becoming a popular trend with marketing professionals from all industries. Allowing prospects and customers to develop a stronger and deeper relationship with the companies they love.

8.Dark Posts

Dark posts allow you to broaden your scope and audience reach through targeting segmented new contacts,as apposed to appearing on your feed and to current prospects and customers. The benefits of dark posting are that you can fine tune and segment your targeting to very specific audiences using key demographics and geographic’s to optimise the success of your ads.

9. Instagram 

Instagram promotes visibility, creativity and mobility, allowing your audience to receive content on the move, whilst also having the option to view images only or click and read each posts content. Recently the real-time aspect has been added which again adds further layers which enables you to draw in your audience on a personal and intimate level.

10. Less will become more

People will become more selective in where and what pieces of creative content they share with channels such as Snapchat and Instagram leading the way for many businesses. The focus will be on in-depth story telling with less posts per  day. This creates limited and exclusive assets, which an audience awaits and spends time engaging.



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