Twenty Top Twitter Tips

Twitter is great. You can connect with new people, keep in touch with people you know and it’s a fun way for your business to connect with your customers.

But like all social sites how do you get started? What should you share on Twitter? Are there any rules you need to follow? Here we will give you our twenty top Twitter tips:

1. Complete your profile. You have around three seconds when someone lands on your profile, before they choose to follow you or not.

2. Upload a good image. Get rid of the standard Twitter egg picture (which is associated with spambots), and upload a picture of your pretty face.

3. Include a link to your website or blog. This is important if you want to be trusted on Twitter, and your followers will know where to go to get more information about you.

4. Find people to follow. Connect with other people who you find interesting, people you know, organisations or people you admire.

5. Follow back. If people follow you and they look interesting, follow them back and see what they’ve got to say. You may discover something new.

6. Be polite. Manners cost nothing! Say hello to your new followers and thank people if they retweet your posts.

7. RT, @, #, DM. With only 140 characters to write in, some abbreviations are necessary. Read Twitter’s glossary and get up to speed.

8. Stay on message. Put thought into what you will be tweeting about. Have an opinion and try to stick to a theme.

9. Write for your particular clients and customers. What do they want to know? What do they ask you? Educate, inform and entertain them. That’s the point.

10. Share valuable content. Post anything you think your followers would like to read. Articles, videos or relevant news.

11. Make sure it’s not all about you. Me, me, me is boring and will make people push that ‘unfollow’ button.

12. Use shortened links. Don’t use up all your characters with a great long link. Twitter usually shortens these for you.

13. No hard selling please. Don’t force your product down your follower’s throats. Promote your services occasionally of course, but this shouldn’t be all you tweet about.

14. “Curate” good content. Share posts and articles that link with your brand and get your followers involved with your business strategy.

15. Engage. Talk to people directly by tagging them in your post using their ‘@’ name. You can create real relationships.

16. Ask questions. Your followers will help and be supportive.

17. Tell them a bit about you. Reveal only how much you feel comfortable with.

18. Recommend others you rate and say why. You will learn to trust your followers and they will trust you. Recommned suppliers, clients or friends.

19. Organise your lists. Another neat little Twitter trick – lists. This allows you to segment the people you’re following so you can quickly catch up with news or conversations.

20. Show up regularly. People will forget you quickly if you don’t tweet often. Find the right balance between too much and too little. And remember, be consistent.


Now you have our twenty top Twitter tips it’s time to get tweeting – find us on Twitter @Wired_Marketing.

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