UK Email Marketing smashes records

Is email marketing dead? Er, well no, not at all! Over the first 6 months of 2012 the number of email marketing messages sent smashed historical UK records, highlighting the need for fantastic campaigns here in the UK.

Figures have been released by the Direct Marketing Association, who collated the National Email Benchmarketing Report and found that over 3 billion emails were sent every month.

According to, the email marketing industry as whole was given a boost last year, as the number of sent emails jumped up by 46% and click through rates increased as well. said this could be due an increased in number of brand sending email campaigns.

Research also found that those brands who were using email marketing were also investing in new and modern techniques. Integration with social media was one the biggest innovations, as brans begin to understand how social media and email marketing can work together.

In addition, 61% of the brands surveyed said they would be looking to increase and improve their email marketing techniques across the end of 2012 and start of 2013.

Chair of the DMA’s Email Council, James Bunting claimed the results were as a result of a ‘self-confident’ industry. He said: “Marketers should be capitalising more on social activity to drive email content by using appropriate tools to monitor conversations around relevant topics.

“It will help to understand their audiences’ priorities and interests, which can shape email content.”

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