Why create an integrated marketing strategy?

Many businesses are not choosing to create an integrated marketing strategy but what are the real benefits of doing so? Will altering your strategy really change the effectiveness and strength of your marketing? 

Here we have listed why we think an integrated marketing strategy is beneficial for your business.


Clarity not confusion

Coherently creating content that has all been designed, produced and developed with the same key aims and objectives allows each piece of information to strengthen and reinforce the brand voice and point of view. You customers will be surrounded with great content and with your company resonating in their minds, creating a great likelihood for the individual to react and return.

Easily effective

Through integrating your marketing, you are able to share what you want to say on a larger scale through a multitude of platforms and engage with a much larger audience. You will be at an advantage as you are able to communicate through various platforms creating a much more powerful message.

Produce Trust

Through integration you are able to supply continuous content and therefore can interact with your target audience much more frequently, where ever and whenever. This allows you to gain the trust of your contacts and viewers as they are seeing your brand name often and across different platforms. The greater awareness you create the greater following you will receive and the larger amount of trust you will express.

Improve efficiency

Integrating your marketing will allow you to stop spending time creating mass amounts of resources, you can use multiple channels to re-share and re-engage your audience and attract prospects through used content.

Optimise your marketing

By integrating your channels you allow your brand to have the greatest chance of success possible utilising all platforms that relate to your brand whilst having the appropriate integrations to make life and your work load as easy as possible. Integration allows you to be attentive and be the alert at the forefront of your business with your intentions and objectives.

Strengthen Marketing

Through integration you are able to use a number of platforms, software and social channels which not only allow you to store information on your contact but you can share information and attract a large scale audience. This creates a much higher chance of your content to be seen and for your call to actions to be clicked, whilst also providing you with bundles of contacts data.

Save Money & Time

Integration is a great way to avoid producing duplicating content, this will save you money through only purchasing a piece of creative content once. You can also share the content through multi sharing platforms and schedule content to be shared through a mixture of channels through a simple click of a button therefore, this doesn’t just save you money but time also.


5 tips to ensure a successful integrated marketing campaign

  1. Hold group meetings with everyone
  2. Have team leaders / Weekly updates
  3. Create a simple strategy
  4. Design an Employee Handbook
  5. Use an in house sharing platform


Find out more on how you can integrate your social media with email through our free whitepaper below.

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