Yahoo releases un-engaged addresses, from today

From today, any Yahoo! Mail account that has not been accessed for 12 months or more will be completely deleted.

Any person or company using email marketing, should take a look at their email list for unengaged contacts. If email marketing is sent to multiple email addresses that no longer exist, it will result in a hard bounce or a spam report, affecting yours and your provider’s deliverability for future campaigns.

Once Yahoo deletes the addresses, they will be available to the public again, meaning your campaign may be sent to the incorrect person. This person will most likely not be engaged and may even complain about your email to the ISP, again resulting in reduced deliverability.

A Yahoo spokesperson said regarding the closure of the accounts that only 7% of the inactive accounts had an email address associated.

According to Return Path, an email certification service, Yahoo may attempt to unsubscribe any inactive accounts from any mail they are currently receiving.

Your email marketing provider may allow you to segment your contacts based on the last time they opened an email, if you wish to take matters into your own hands.

If you are a customer of ours, this can be done within the system (depending on your package).

First you will need to find out which email addresses are now inactive. As this change went live today, we would suggest amending your contacts over the next week.

Search for any contacts that have not opened your emails in the last 12 months, but were added to your list before that date. Save these contacts as a segment.

Next, send that segment a win back email. Consider sending an offer, a discount code or use another tactic to encourage re-engagement.

Of those contacts who received a win back email, remove or unsubscribe any Yahoo addresses that have not engaged, as these are the most likely to have been deleted or changed hands.

You may not wish to voluntarily unsubscribe contacts, but this tactic is much better that receiving hard bounces or the email ending up in the wrong inbox, which may then report you for spam.

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